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Over the last 10 years lightweight tiles have really come along way. They used to be flimsy, ugly and expensive. You only thing they where really good for was conservatory roofs, and even the  they looked horrible. 

Because of this people stopped buying them, suppliers stopped stocking them and for about 5 years just disappeared. And then a conpany called metatile took the idea and completely reengineed it to what we have today, a strong, secure, stylist and alround neet product. The roofing manchester picture you see here was carried out on a electrical substation in Manchester. For years kids had been throwing rocks and stones onto the roof constantly smashing the tiles, so instead of keep going back replacing torn felt and broken tiles we suggested metatile. Now when the local kids throw stones onto the roof they'll just bounce off causing no damage at all. 

It you would like more information of metatile or anyother of our products and service then please dont hesitate to call.

Best Roofers Manchester 0161 951 7958

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