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When i turn up to a potential new customers they usually have an idea of what roofing system they would like on there roof. Usually a customer has gone on the internet and search thinks like "what is the best product for my flat roof", and 9 times out of 10 they've come across a blog biased to a specific membrane or system. So when i turn up the a job a customer my say they want an EPDM roof, now EPDM is ok if you roof is square and has very little to no detail. The problem with EPDM or any other single ply membrane is the more detail in the roof the more fold, corner patches and welds. Remember the membrane itself will never fail, a roof will always fail where there is detail so the more detail in a roof the more lively hood you have of it failing in the future. 

So if im pricing a roof for a customer and there is a lot of detail in it i will always recommend a good reinforced liquid roofing Manchester system, our preferred liquid systems are the Decothane or the Sikalastic systems. But at the same time i have no problem with single ply systems, so if the roof has little to no detail i will happily recommend a single ply system because of there speed and ease of installation. 

So remember when choosing a roofing system keep an open mind and ask your contractor for options and the pro's and con's to each one.

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