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Silly question really, crash decks are just as important as the scaffolding. Earlier in the year a good friend of ours lost life due to the flat roof he was replacing collapsed and killed him instantly.

when ever we are replacing a flat roof we always try and incorporate some sort of crash deck or fall arrest system. £400-£500 is a small price to pay for someones life not only that, they actually speed a job up. With an independent crash deck its essentially a great working platform to work from, so installing new timber work can take half the time. 

But in some cases installing an independent crash deck just isn't possible. Maybe you're replacing a kitchen roof on a domestic property or a roof where there is a working office below. Well in these cases fall arrest air bags are a great idea. There essentially just bags with foam in which you then fill using a standard leaf blower. These are great for areas where scaffolding just isn't possible.

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