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Its no secret that Sika have become a major powerhouse in the flat roofing industry, the fact that they hold an 80% market share of the liquid roofing market is nothing short of impressive. For years the name Liquid Plastics popped up when iv been on the phone to potential new customers or enquiring about up coming tenders, "do you use liquid plastics", "are you liquid plastics approved", "we only use Liquid Plastics". And no matter how much i try and sell the product we propose, no-one ever budges.

In the past when ever we came across a product we liked, we contacted the manufacturer, we go on there recommended training course, we open an account, then were off sell sell sell. But with Liquid Plastics it took me 4 years to get a sit down coffee. The criteria you have to meet is nothing id had ever come across with any other manufacturer, future clients, current clients, past clients and inspection of company accounts. It was differently a shock and sometimes come across a bit condescending. But now i understand why, BRAND PROTECTION. Sika know there product is the bees knees, time really has proved it and owning 80% of the market shows it. And when you have a product that good you need to protect it. 

Having a Product like Decothane and Sikalastic in our arsenal makes our company stand out from the rest. And the days of trying to over sell a product to try and change the spec on a job have gone. And thats because Sika sells its self..

Best Roofers Manchester 0161 951 7958

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